• Plastic Beauty, women photo series published by Wotisart 2020
  • Triptych Goddess of the XXI Century published in GraceGraceGrace book with the support of LADA Live Art development Agency/ UK 2019
  • How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins in the book of Bomb Factory Art Foundation /UK 2019
  • Meat in Substanz 2 /performance art issues by Maricruz Peñaloza/ Switzerland 2018



Kairos (new creation) in collaboration with Andreas Polyzogopoulos (trumpeter) and Anthi Kougia (dramaturge) at mudac (Museum of Design and Contemporary Appliead Arts)

INvisible (new creation) in collaboration with Lilian Frei at International Performance Art Giswill curated by Andreas Saemann


  • I can hear the birds (performing for the camera) a collaboration with Jenna Callawaert
  •  Social Distancing #8 collaboration with Damien Frost
  •  Artistic Residency at Kinono Art Gathering/ Greece


  • One small step at To Mars & Back, artistic night/ London
  • Publication:Public Series No.8.vol 1-3 of ‘How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins‘ in the book of Bomb Factory Art Foundation /UK
  • Art Dolls performance in collaboration with Anne-Sophie Cochevelou at Torture Garden London
  • Digital Umbilical by Body Intelligence Collective at Sadler’s Wells-Lilian Baylis Studio London/UK, Maison de la Danse Lyon/ FR, Théâtre de Liège/ Belgium
  • Confessional (Madonna’s Vassal’s) a Word of Warning – Emergency Festival Z-arts 2019/ Manchester
  • Flux or how to make lemonade at Performance Reihe Neu-Oerlikon / Performance Art Festival Zürich/CH
  • Snickers (An American legend about one dark horse and their Australian venture) at Theatre in the Fields/UK
  • Better like this // an XR experience in an old fashion way/film by Karl Cresser & Lara Buffard /UK
  • Confessional (Madonna’s Vassal’s) at The Yard-Puppies Artnight/ London
  • The Sirens by Margaret Dewes at Chisenhale Dance Space/ London 
  • Strong (!) Solo at SPACE Gallery part of Sophie Seita’s Exhibition opening night/ London
  • Ventricles a new solo work for ‘Eile mit Weile’ at Akku Kunstplattform curated by Judith Huber and Lena Friedli/Switzerland
  • I talk solo performance for an evening with Mónica Mayer and GraceGracegrace at Lada Live Art Development Agency/ UK
  • Rhino Requiem performance, a co-creation with Thierry Alexandre at The Art Pavilion for EcoFutures/ London
  • And now I look respectable short performance at LADA Live Art Development Agency/UK
  • Triptych Goddess of the XXI Century published in GraceGraceGrace book with the support of LADA Live Art development Agency/ UK
  • CRI work in progress invited at University of Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy for a day about Performance and Feminism /Finland
  • Digital Umbilical  R&D by The Body Intelligence Collective for Sadlers Wells /London


  • Snickers (An American legend about one dark horse and their Australian venture) Show for Dirtydebüt at Sophiensaele Berlin /Germany
  • Under the river down the river Solo performance at Kunsthalle Zürich /Switzerland
  • Rhino Requiem by The Psychic Timebomb Opera at Chisenhale Dance Space /London
  • One Last Dance-An Chéad Damhsa by Instant Dissidence FILM Premiere at LADA Live Art Development Agency/London
  • Liquid Costume Video-performance selected for the exhibition VIDEOSKIN at The Edge Gallery / Canada
  • Psychedelic Peace Maker character for Anne-Sophie Cochevelou for Miss Alternative world show at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre/London
  • Fragility Solo performance  for The Gathering at Elle Spazio  Locarno /Switzerland
  • Digital Umbilical Awarded at Dansathon in partnership with Sadler’s Wells /London
  • Brautschau Performance in collaboration with Lilian Frei for the big opening of FATart| International Art Fair / Switzerland
  • One Last Dance-An Chéad Damhsa by Instant Dissidence performance at LADA Live Art Development Agency /London
  • The great masked ball’s swan lake by Arensky orchestra -Immersive theatre show /London
  • Eat Your Heart Short film selected at Amsterdam International Film Festival IFF
  • Taylor Mac-a 24-decade history of popular music at Barbican Centre /London
  • Traces Solo performance created for LEGS Festival /Spain
  • Morning Gloryville Opening of Birmingham International Dance Festival
  • Self-Styled Project Photos series for Anthony Lycett
  • How to redeem yourself with only seven deadly sins? Performance at Bomb Factory- Art Foundation /London
  • Silence can be loud Solo performance wrote and performed for How do I look at Guest Projects /London
  • How do I look? Guest Projects  Artistic Residency with gracegracegrace /London
  • Liquid Costume  Video-performance in collaboration with Anne-Sophie Cochevelou
  • Game 4 3  Vicky’s O’Neon video-song
  • Tea & Buns (not being the Tea & buns you might expect) Artistic programmation & Host/ London


  • Naughty and Nice Pictures from my series Women selected for the exhibition at Espacio Gallery/London
  • MEAT Performance created in collaboration with Lilian Frei for Acción!MAD Performance Festival/ Madrid
  • Eat Your Heart  Short film selected for Switzerland International Film Festival
  • Beauté M’a T’on ! Series of performances in collaboration with Catharine Cary and Anne Marion-Gallois /Paris
  • La Cage Royale  2 –The five senses  Co-curator of this event of contemporary performances.    
  • The clown cunt by Emir Togrul Short movie/London
  • Trans-Forming Pipi Performance at Tender Loin#10 Artsadmin /London
  • How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins? Creation with Company Gur Arie Piepskovitz/Hanover Germany
  • Mama say make I dey go, she dey my back with Jelly Atiku/Art performance for the big opening at  Venice Biennale /Italy
  • Trans-Forming Pipi Performance for Deep Trash: Royal Trash / performance  / London
  • Eat Your Heart premiere for Deep Trash  Short film / London
  • It Pays To Be….Video in collaboration with Dominic Frisby.
  • Madonna (!) Dancer at Elrow Festival for The Salon Collective / London
  • Eat Your Heart  Short film  was created during an artistic residence at Château de Monthelon / France
    Collaboration with Catharine Cary (USA).
  • Never too much! Filming & producing a documentary about 4 Londoners artists who bring through their way of doing a stimulating and new way of being an artist today.
  • La Cage Royale 1 Co-curator for this event of contemporary performances


  • Look Twice-Look2eyes / Concept, performance/ Studio BLK/ London
  • Welcome to the Gladwell Family reunion-Immersive & interactive performance/Umbrella Label Collective/ THE HIVE/ London
  • Laboratory around The Tibetan book living & dying + Metagenealogy Jodorowsky/Stephanie Lupo/Studio 8/ Ibiza Spain
  • THE END Contemporary dance show with the choreographer
    Jack Webb/ Greenwich Dance/ London
  • A passion for the passion Company Gur Arie Piepskovitz /FRINGE Festival Greenside Venue/ Edinburgh
  • LoRIOca Performance Company Emma Symes /Golden Hinde/ London
  • Femme HQ album DEBUTANTE Party lunch LK Bee / Corsica Studios/ London
  • La Loba  Concept, performer /Accademia Teatro Dimitri/ Switzerland
  • The Greatest Show on Earth  Performance  in collaboration with Goldsmiths University/ London
  • A passion for the  passion Company Gur Arie Piepskovitz Belgrade Theatre/ Coventry


  • Laboratory  Working on changes Stephanie Lupo/ Majorca Spain
    Burlesque Show The Cheek of it! /Working men’s club/ London
  • LoRIOca Performance-cabaret/The Stag Head /London
  • 50 years of dance-Flip Book-Roman photo Performance with the choreographer Boris Charmatz at TATE Modern/ London


  • Cultural project coordinator /Head of experiences of knowledge exchange and co-creation at mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts/ CH)


  • Collaborations with various theatre productions in Switzerland as costume designer
  • Ces petits riens, short movie Floriane Closuit


  •  Pâkomuzé Project development for a platform for cultural mediation activities in 15 local museums


  •   Atelier du p’tit diable  Creation and management weekly lessons of creative expression for children and adults