La Cage Royale



What is La Cage Royale?

A socializing and networking haven for the most exciting visual art makers, performance artists, musicians, sartorial eccentrics, their friends and supporters.

A platform for new work, experimental theatre, intimate performances, cutting edge cabaret, recorded and live music….culminating to some fabulous dancing and celebrating!

Focused on the philosophy of spontaneous creative expression, freedom, generosity and reviving the bohemian spirit of London through the mediums of poetry, music, singing, tarot, palm reading,

open sharing platform, magic, dancing, performance art, costumes and more.


Why do we do it?

La Cage Royale is not just an event for fun but an opportunity to create cultural, social and creative exchanges and interactions that may not have the opportunity to occur otherwise, thus enabling community strengthening and new possibilities within the art world, spreading values of generosity and care for others.

We believe that the art and the honesty of connection between people can act as a catalyst for uplifting, boundary breaking, transporting and life changing energies, dimensions and collaborations.


The aims are:

To organize a regular salon to generate inspiration, beauty, joy,  magic, wonder and lightness, love and grace, noble and kind, sophisticated interactions.

Encouraging inclusiveness, discovery, experimentations, co creativity, humanistic values and the poetry of life to move and transform the lives of people.


Where is La Cage Royale?

La Cage Royale is an event with it own identity and designed to be moveable feats.We are utterly thrilled to be putting our 3 events at L’Escargot in his exquisite private members club Upstairs salons, a true jewel in London.

This place make a perfect home for our intimate yet decadent event. With is vibrant history as one of the most prestigious addresses in Soho, the club is also a dynamic beacon to the future and invites his guests to discover a fascinating, extraordinary and totally unique facet of London by welcoming La Cage Royale.


Who is involved?

Thierry Alexandre a multimedia artist, installation and performance artist with a wealth of experience entertaining on the London social scene.

Myself as a co-creator & artistic programmer


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