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Better like this? by Karl Cresser & Lara Buffard

An XR experience in an old fashion way!




The Sirens by Margaret Dewes /Photo Delphine Robet

Sung a capella, The Sirens is a hilarious, buffonesque performance that flirts with fate, femininity and death. 





© Fotos: Luis Hartl, im Rahmen von «Eile mit Weile – Zeit für Performance», Mai 2019, akku Kunstplattform und (ort)



I talk/you talk




Rhino Requiem by Timebomb Opera /Photo Richard Kaby





Now I guess I look respectable/Photo Jemsky

A performance about gender-age




Snickers (An American legend about one dark horse and their Australian venture) / Photo Dorothea Tuch

In the current epidemic of crime shows one finds out that justice is slipping away. Who is to blame? Capitalism? White men? Unicorns? One horse may have the answer.

Review // Snickers




Under the river down the river/ Photo Paloukis Spyros

A symbolic and surrealist trip about life. It is time to listen to our wild voice, to scratch the truth, to let appear the red fur, the golden dust, despite the blood.

Under the light of the lunar and the solar, we will experiment with freedom, fertility and the abundance of life.




Rhino Requiem /Photo Alexander Blair

Part requiem and part ritual, this piece takes the audience on a journey deep into the heart of grief.





The Gathering / Photo Paolo Tosi



                              Fragility Solo performance at The Gathering / Photo Paolo Tosi

It is all about appearance, what does it mean to be strong? Could you do everything by yourself? Is there anyone who needs no one?






Alternative Miss World Show at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre/ Photo Richard Kaby





  Digital umbilical    

How can we use technology to deepen the connection to our body and to enhance intimacy between a performer and an audience?

Digital Umbilical is a live experience of human connection through the use of immersive and responsive sound and lightscapes.


Dansathon 2018 at Plexal – images by Andreea Tufescu Photography





Brautschau / Photo Fabienne Spiller

Just married!






One last dance – An chéad damhsa / Photo Scout Stuart

Following the Brexit vote I am leaving, and One last dance-An chéad damhsa is my final love letter to the UK.





The great masked ball’s swan lake by Arensky orchestra /Photo Mirabelle Gremaud

An immersive experience that fuses dance, a live orchestra, storytelling and feasting into one enthralling whole. 



Dandy minion in “A 24-decade history of popular music” by Taylor Mac /Photo La Tageuse Elegante

Fabulous and fearless, Taylor Mac reframes the social history of America through three decades of songs in this no-holds-barred extravaganza of music, art, activism, and hugely entertaining mass ritual.





                                                                                                                                              Traces by Lara Buffard /Photo  Mauro Abbühl




How to redeem yourself with only seven deadly sins? by Gur A Piepskovitz & Lara Buffard /Photo Liz Gorman





Louder please! by Lara Buffard /Photo Gracegracegrace





Tea & Buns (not being the Tea & Buns you might expect) /Photo Sylvie Rottmeier



La Cage Royale /Photo Richard Kaby



            Meat  by Lilian Frei & Lara Buffard /Photo Joan Casellas

Carne/ we are all a piece of meat. Open your mouth…big! Eat it this death, heats up with your soul, with your guts.




Mama say make I dey go, she dey my back by Jelili Atiku for the opening of the Biennal of Venizia/Photo Cecilia Angeli

Promotion and enhancement of feminine energy and freedom of women in order to release their power of human development and creatives.


Look twice-look2eyes  by Lara Buffard /Photo Liz Gorman

Everything is ephemeral and illusory. I see you.



Trans-Forming Pipi By Gur A Piepskovitz, Natalie Wong & Lara Buffard /Photo SteackHouse

All hail the new queen in town: Pipi-PhuckMeDontitme, Runner-up for Miss trans-Asia 2016. Equipped in her sash, crown, Mai-Tai and Long Parliament light, Pipi enters our kingdom to insert some glitz and glamour made in Asia and dispatched with love to the English islands. Jew-venile and Vita Dolorosa have already integrated themselves in English culture, now it’s time to help others. And tonight is about Pipi.




Eat your heart short movie by Lara Buffard & Catharine Cary /Photo Constant Couteille

The Golden Cage: female domesticity and oppression in the house, the castle or the harem.

“The life of an interior woman is the most overwhelming condition of the condition of women.”

— Simone De Beauvoir  “The second sex” 1949



 A passion for passion by Gur A Piepskovitz/Photo Rachel Bunce

The show deals with topics like pop-culture, religion, loss of leadership and political-correctness. It introduces the thread that connects celebrity-culture to monotheistic religions and highlights the commodification of politics and social issues in society. What are the patterns we have developed due to that process?





THE END by Jack Webb

THE END is a work that uses ‘THE END’ as a motivation to ask questions about the human condition by making similar dramatic provocations. What will the end of the world be like? What would you say in the last moment at the end of your life? What are our internal experiences and thoughts at the end of a performance or the end of disco and what does that euphoric feeling leave us with for the future?




La Loba by Lara Buffard /Photo Pierre Davy

A woman leaves is searching for the sacred fire that slumbers in her, far from the shackles and clichés that are usually attributed to women.




50 years of dance- Roman Photo  by Boris Charmatz / Photo Tate Modern