Snickers (An American legend about one dark horse and their Australian venture) / Photo Dorothea Tuch






Under the river down the river/ Photo Paloukis Spyros









Rhino Requiem /Photo Alexander Blair





The Gathering/ Photo Paolo Tosi




                              Fragility Solo performance at The Gathering / Photo Paolo Tosi












Alternative Miss World Show at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre/ Photo Richard Kaby





  Digital umbilical                                                                                     




Brautschau / Photo Fabienne Spiller














One last dance – An chéad damhsa / Photo Scout Stuart


The great masked ball’s swan lake by Arensky orchestra /Photo Mirabelle Gremaud



Dandy minion in “A 24-decade history of popular music” by Taylor Mac /Photo La Tageuse Elegante





                                                                Traces by Lara Buffard /Photo  Mauro Abbühl




How to redeem yourself with only seven deadly sins? by Gur Arie Piepskovitz & Lara Buffard /Photo Liz Gorman


Louder please! by Lara Buffard /Photo Gracegracegrace


Tea & Buns (not being the Tea & Buns you might expect) /Photo Sylvie Rottmeier


La Cage Royale /Photo Richard Kaby

            Meat  by Lilian Frei & Lara Buffard /Photo Joan Casellas




Mama say make I dey go, she dey my back by Jelili Atiku for the opening of the Biennal of Venizia /Photo Cecilia Angeli

Look twice-look2eyes  by Lara Buffard /Photo Liz Gorman


Trans-Forming Pipi By Gur Arie Piepskovitz, Natalie Wong & Lara Buffard /Photo SteackHouse



Eat your heart short movie by Lara Buffard & Catharine Cary /Photo Constant Couteille




 A passion for passion by Gur Arie Piepskovitz /Photo Rachel Bunce








THE END by Jack Webb



La loba by Lara Buffard /Photo Pierre Davy




50 years of dance- Roman Photo  by Boris Charmatz / Photo Tate Modern                                  




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