About me


Lara Buffard is a French Baroque persona, born in Paris in 1973, based in London. She is a performance artist who incorporates symbolic and surrealistic visuals within her work.

She subverts the darkest aspects of life through striking and colourful images, communicating personal and social ideas in playful and powerful acts, transforming the human body to a ‘Raphaelite’ creature.

The outcome is a piercing statement accompanied by fierce and a powerful look.

The emotions she evokes bring individuals to a pivotal place where a connection to life’s authentic meaning can be grasped; such experiences may be transformative.

‘The alchemy of act transforms the darkness in light.’ Alejandro Jodorowsky

Artistically, she is interested in exploring the liminal space between reality and surreal fantasy, performance art and ritual.

‘Lara is the manifestation of a tragic character, who invokes fear and compassion hence and she goes all the way no matter what. And that’s cathartic and the audience response to that.’ G.A Piepskovitz, theatre critic

She graduated in Museology and later in Theatre Performance and Contemporary Live Arts. She worked for 10 years as a cultural project coordinator at Mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts/CH).

As a producer, she works with various artists and runs performance events.