About me

A French baroque creature born in Paris in 1973, based in London, ever deep and demanding.
My endeavours and follies focus on the interaction between humans – especially the place of the woman today.

My work as a performance artist is poetic, surrealistic and powerful, I give a voice to silent women, drawing the audience into my theme – provoked by my quest, transfixed through visual impact and engaged through the rhythm of the piece.

As Jodorowsky wrote “The alchemy of act transforms the darkness in light.”

 Lara is the manifestation of a tragic character, who invokes fear and compassion hence and she goes all the way no matter what. And that’s cathartic and the audience response to that.

Theatre writer G.A Piepskovitz 2017

My practice has evolved via an atypical journey of creation

> through a creative expression workshop,
> as a cultural project coordinator at mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts) CH,
>as a co-creator of a pedagogical museum platform for 15 museums Pakomuze CH
> as a HES tutor for students preparing their Master thesis in “Cultural Management” CH,
> as collaborator for HEP (pedagogical training for teachers in visual arts) CH,
> as a costume designer for theatre companies
>as a teacher in the slums of India and Cambodia for NGO’s,
> as assistant artist for fashion designers and photographers,
> and today, more and more, as a performance artist, film maker and producer.